Why You Shouldn’t Buy CBD From Amazon

Thinking of Buying CBD Oil on Amazon? (Hint: Don’t Do It, Not The Best Idea)

So, you’re looking for the best CBD oil on Amazon?

If you have tried searching for CBD or cannabidiol products online, you might have recently noticed that Amazon, the online sales behemoth, recently started listing it amongst its products.

Owning and operating a licensed Hemp-Derived CBD company is tough. Continued legislation changes, licensing requirements, and quality control are some of the issues, now add in product development for tinctures, gel caps, balms, gummies and more make it a even tougher. What’s the easiest way to get your company in front of millions of customers? Amazon. Funny that is what we thought when we saw all the different types of CBD oils on their site. Which we found completely bizarre considering how strict Amazon’s retail standards are in almost all other cases. First question that came to mind was “Are this product actually real?” If this was the case, we needed to find out how and get on the Amazon bandwagon.

So we decided to investigated if you can really buy CBD oil on Amazon?

A quick search and multiple categories of CBD oil across Amazon’s site, with results including ‘Pure CBD oil’ and ‘Organic CBD oil.’

It was a good start, and eager to find out more, I clicked on one of the search results and very quickly found myself on Amazon’s usual sales interface, with multiple listings stretched out across my screen.

But any enthusiasm I felt started draining quickly once I started looking through those listings, and here’s why.

Why CBD and Amazon do not work:

Like everything on Amazon, searching for CBD oil throws up dozens of results, but unlike most, searching for CBD oil or other cannabinoids just gives you dozens of generic products. It takes actual searching to find anything from known brands.

But that’s not the real issue. The issue is that most of these generic brands supposedly contained high MG concentrations but were priced much lower than typical products in that range.

For example, it was common to find products that boasted of containing “240,000mg,” but sitting at the low price point of $9.99.

If you’ve got an ounce of savvy and you know anything about CBD oil, this probably sent alarm bells ringing in your head. For good reason.

The Amazon problem:

Here’s the problem.

The 2018 Farm Bill, legalized CBD produced from hemp plants under federal law, but as of writing the FDA has only established some regulations for high-quality CBD or CBD products and we hope more are to come. Some are that high-quality Hemp Extract cannot be sold as a dietary supplement. The must also has a QRC code that links the product to a 3rd party tester show exactly what is contained in the product you are purchasing.

Amazon have not actually changed their policies regarding CBD products yet allowing the wild west CBD market to thrive with false products, information, and misleading you the consumer.

The truth is: selling any products containing CBD is strictly prohibited by Amazon. 

To get around this issue, some brands have taken to labelling their products as ‘Hemp Oil’ or ‘CBD hempseed oil,’ instead of using the term CBD. You might also see the word tincture thrown around.

Despite this technically being against advertising law, it’s become general practice in the industry, with customers quickly becoming used to it.

However, it also opens a loophole.

As it turns out, many of the products labeled as CBD oil on Amazon are doing this in reverse. Labeling themselves as CBD oil, whilst being hemp seed oil products, or just hemp extract with no CBD content at all. You can also see this on Gel Caps and CBD creams and other hemp products that might be made with industrial hemp.

How do I make sure that I am buying legitimate CBD oil on Amazon?

The sad truth right now is that, when buying full-spectrum CBD oil from Amazon, you can’t be sure that what you’re buying is a legitimate product, with any CBD content. Even worse, the product could come with unwanted side effects.

Unless you can buy from CBD brands that you already know and trust (make sure to read customer reviews), buying CBD oil, whether 3rd party or proprietary, from Amazon is not advised, and shouldn’t be considered a source for CBD products.

Whilst Amazon is awesome for almost anything, until Amazon begins to enforce the rules that the FDA and USDA have put in place, you should look elsewhere for your CBD oils.

Avoid Amazon CBD oils.

Here are a few reasons why Pure Body Zen is the clear choice for buying CBD oil in the United States, compared to Amazon and other brands.

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