Recent Studies That Show the Power of CBD

CBD is one of the hottest new supplements on the market today and is used for a variety of purposes. Its potential seems to have exploded: 1 in 7 Americans have tried the compound since it’s 2018 legalization, and that number seems set to increase.

CBD’s popularity can be attributed to its apparent ability to help people deal with a variety of physical and emotional problems. Since CBD is so new, there is little doubt that more research is needed before it can be used for more formalized medical reasons. The good news is that there are ample studies that show CBD’s potential. Here are five such examples.

CBD May Help Reduce Arthritis Related Pain

A 2016 study, published in the European Journal of Pain, found that CBD could help rats who had arthritis. The scientists took a group of rats who had arthritis and applied CBD topically to their joints for four straight days. Afterward, the rats were found to show reduced swelling, increased mobility, decreased signs of pain, and a variety of other indications that demonstrated that the CBD helped reduce the symptoms associated with their arthritis.

These results are heartening for humans, as it shows that there is a biological process by which CBD may be able to assist people in overcoming arthritis-related pain and joint swelling. It is because of studies like this that some arthritis advocates have encouraged patients to try using CBD, with supervision from their doctor or other medical practitioners.

CBD May Reduce Performance Anxiety

CBD has been touted as a potential method by which anxiety can be reduced, and a 2018 study specifically found that CBD may be used for performance anxiety reduction. The study, which was published in the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry, tested CBD’s impact on reducing anxiety before public speaking. It found that men who were given 300mg of CBD 90 minutes before a speech showed significant reductions in anxiety when compared to individuals who were given no CBD or 150mg of CBD.

This demonstrates that CBD may be able to help reduce a slew of different anxiety types.

CBD May Help Dogs with Seizures

The one CBD-based prescription drug available on the market today is Epidolex, which is used to treat two rare seizure disorders in children. At least one study has found that CBD may help dogs with seizure disorders as well. The study, which was published by Colorado State University in 2019, tested sixteen dogs with seizure disorders. Nine were given CBD, while seven were not. 89% of the dogs who were given CBD showed a reduction of seizures.

This study, like others before it, seems to prove that CBD has tremendous potential when it comes to seizure reduction. In many cases, dogs and humans have found a reduction of seizures from CBD that didn’t come from more traditional forms of medicine.

CBD may help reduce anxiety and improve sleep

There is an undeniable relationship between high anxiety levels and poor sleep. However, according to a 2019 study, CBD may be useful in addressing both of these issues. The study gave 72 patients CBD. These patients reported having either high rates of anxiety or poor sleep quality. The study found that 79% of patients reported a decrease in their anxiety levels after two months, while 66% of patients reported better sleep, although that sleep quality did fluctuate as patients took CBD for longer periods of time.

This was a smaller study, and there was no placebo group. However, as the study noted, it’s findings would certainly imply that CBD can be useful in reducing anxiety and improving sleep. It further noted that the two results likely fed into each other: Bad sleep is often related to high anxiety levels, and high anxiety levels can interfere with someone getting a good night’s sleep.

CBD may have tremendous anti-inflammatory potential

A review in Future Medical Chemistry examined the various studies which have checked out CBD and cannabis’ potential as an anti-inflammatory. Its results were extremely encouraging. According to the review, CBD may have the potential to help a variety of bodily systems, including the immune system, multiple sclerosis, colitis, liver injury, and more. All of these potential changes were tied to CBD and cannabis’ ability to directly impact the human body by providing it with a slew of anti-inflammatory benefits. 

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