Premium Hemp CBD?

Premium hemp CBD rose to mainstream popularity over the last decade with products ranging from oils to creams. Hemp offers health benefits that can ease your inflammation and soothe your skin. However, there are misconceptions about hemp and cannabis plants, how it all works, and how to find quality and authentic products.

Before you buy your next batch of premium hemp CBD, here’s what to know to protect your health.

What is Hemp?

Hemp and industrial hemp comes from the cannabis sativa plant. Some people get confused about hemp and whether or not it can make you feel high like marijuana. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp contains 0.3% or less THC content by dry weight. The 0.3% marker is a bit arbitrary, but won’t make you high or feel intoxicated. Many premium hemp CBD products also do not contain any traces of THC.

What is the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

Marijuana is also from the cannabis sativa plant, but contains more than 0.3% of THC. Some cannabis plants can also be manipulated to contain more THC than others. Marijuana is typically used for recreational use to get high, or for specific medical conditions like controlling seizures or chemotherapy side effects.

What is Premium Hemp CBD Used For?

Premium hemp extract is typically derived from oil and seeds of industrialized hemp plant. However, the hemp is specifically grown as a premium, high-quality plant to create over-the-counter products. Premium hemp can be used as oils, capsules, lotions, and other products to bring comfort and well-being to its users.

What is the Difference Between Hemp and CBD Oil?

Hemp oil and CBD oil are often used interchangeably, but are two different things. CBD oil uses the hemp plant’s leaves, stalks, and flowers. These parts of the hemp plant have a higher concentration of CBD oil. Hemp seeds do not contain the same levels of compounds, but do have nutrients and fatty acids. Some hemp oil will also have compounds that can address issues like anxiety and inflammation.

Some people get confused if that means hemp or CBD products are better than the other. The good news is the benefits of CBD don’t change whether your products come from cannabis-derived CBD or hemp-derived CBD. They offer the same types of benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Hemp CBD?

Hemp seeds have a variety of skin and other health benefits. Seeds and oils contain healthy fats, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. Hemp oil could improve the health of your heart and reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. It can also help soothe inflammation and treat atopic dermatitis.

Hemp is a game changer for sensitive skin because it can be used without worrying about irritation and side effects. Hemp products are known to have anti-aging properties, and you can typically apply it directly onto your face without clogging your pores like other oils and moisturizers.

How Do I Know if My Hemp CBD is Authentic?

Are you purchasing hemp CBD products from no-name retailers, cheap vendors on Amazon or eBay, or too good to be true deals? Chances are high your hemp products are not authentic or are so dilluted they’re unlikely to be effective.

Even reputable, brand-name retailers don’t always know if their hemp CBD is authentic. Pure Body Zen only sells high-quality CBD products that are tested and verified from a third party lab. We obtain a Certificate of Analysis on the products we sell to determine how much CBD and THC are in the products and to ensure there are no pesticides or other residual solvents and chemicals.

How Do I Order Premium Hemp CBD?

Ready to take control of your well-being and health with our CBD products? Browse Pure Body Zen’s collection of premium hemp CBD products to purchase today.

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