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EP 10: Dr. Jacob Vigil — Cannabis As A Cure To Big Pharma

Dr. Jacob Vigil was coming up for tenure at the University of New Mexico, where he still works as an Associate Professor of Psychology, when he decided to take a step back and truly take stock of his life’s impact.    “I started to look at my own work and a lot of the work

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EP 09: Tommy Chong – Cannabis And You

As a youth, were you taught that cannabis is bad? Why is this negative stigma still around even in the face of overwhelming evidence that cannabis is not harmful? Even though alcohol and tobacco result in hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world, their legality is never questioned in the same way.On this episode

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EP 06: Andrew Sayles – Turning The Tables Around

Are you currently on the verge of a down-point? Feels like there’s no hope? Here’s some news for you. Tides are always changing. No matter what your situation is, there’s always a chance to put your feet back standing up on the ground.   For almost 5 years, Andrew went from being in prison to

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EP 05: Emma Pietrzak – Talking Business, Fitness, And Beer

Do you love booze but you’re tired of the side effects and consequences?  Well here’s some good news! Because a new innovation has arrived! It’s a beer with no alcoholic content. And this is just one of the many great products that the Cannabis industry has to offer. With a degree in Exercise Science, Emma

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EP 04: Gary Roberts – What It’s Like To Be A Firefighter

Most people have always seen a firefighter’s career as cool. Little might people know, this career can be mentally grueling. Do you know a firefighter? Ask yourself this: how well do you know the struggle they face on a daily basis? Both Police Officers and Firefighters are more likely to die by suicide than in

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EP 3: Why You Should NOT Buy CBD Products From Amazon

Are the CBD products sold on Amazon high quality products? The short answer is NO but you will want to learn the long answer contained in this episode so you can easily spot low-quality products in today’s market.  On this episode of the Good Dude’s Grow Podcast, Gary Roberts discusses the issues with purchasing CBD

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EP 2: Dr. Eric Dorninger – CBD and The Naturopath

Do you know all the secrets buried in your body’s chemistry? Few of us do – so we’re quick to blame external factors when we get sick or hurt…and we’re double-quick to reject treatment possibilities we don’t know much about. All this leads us to miss out on what could be the fastest and healthiest

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EP 1: Pulling Back the Curtain on Hemp-Based Medicine

What do you think about when you hear words like “cannabis,” “CBD,” or “hemp”? Reactions range from disdain to horror to curiosity, but most people have never really taken the time to look past the stereotypes and misconceptions to learn about hemp’s best features… On the first episode of the Good Dudes Grow podcast, Gary

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