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How CBD Can Improve Your Focus for the Virtual Workplace

We’ve all done it. Zoning out in a Zoom meeting is commonplace in a world of hyper-virtual connectivity. Between Zoom, email, IM, and your Slack channel, you can’t seem to focus on what’s in front of you to get through the day. Despite our increased use of Zoom meetings, we’re not getting any more focused or productive. Some studies even found that the combination of slight audio delays negatively affects our interpersonal perceptions, not to mention a backdrop of financial and career stress.

You may not be able to reduce your Zoom consumption and eliminate virtual work, but you can leverage CBD and focus techniques to help. Here’s a look at how CBD and focus can improve your virtual school experience.

Combat Zoom Fatigue

Sitting behind a screen can quickly deplete your energy and lead to Zoom fatigue. The idea is that sitting still can mimic rest and sleep and cause your body to zone out and tire easily. Stretching and bouts of exercise can help but aren’t practical for people with a busy day in their virtual office. Quality CBD products can help you feel more rested and increase focus. You’ll end up feeling more alert during your virtual day and combat the feeling of restlessness and exhaustion.

CBD and Focus for Work
Keep your focus in the workplace with CBD as we transition to a more virtual setting.

CBD and Focus

If you’re having trouble focusing through virtual work, CBD could be the answer. Pure Body Zen products could help boost your brain’s dopamine, which is a chemical neurotransmitter. Our clients report an increase in overall focus, concentration, and mental awareness. In addition to using a high-quality CBD product, taking regular breaks and stretching is also a healthy part of a virtual day with extended hours behind the screen.

Discover Feelings of Well-Being Throughout the Day

CBD is known to promote a general sense of calm and well-being. Instead of feeling anxious, depressed, or frustrated about your long virtual day, CBD Oil can help soothe your nerves and promote that feeling of well-being you’re looking for. Some studies show that CBD oil can affect your brain’s chemical receptors that respond to your body’s serotonin and produce positive effects. And unlike other supplements, CBD oil does not distort your senses or generally cause adverse reactions.

Reduce Distractions During a Virtual Workday

Distractions are a mainstay when working remotely. It’s impossible to work remotely from home and block out all interruptions from roommates to family and personal responsibilities. CBD oil’s effects on concentration and well-being mean you can focus more on the work at hand and help to eliminate distractions around you. Of course, CBD oil can only go so far. Combine a quality CBD product from Pure Body Zen with a few of these techniques:

  • Put your phone on silent whenever possible
  • Log out of your social media channels entirely so you can’t toggle back and forth
  • Set boundaries with loved ones and ask them not to interrupt you when your door is shut unless there’s an emergency
  • Set a timer and focus solely on one task for 30-minutes at a time before taking a short brain break
  • Take a quality CBD product regularly to promote focus and reduce distractions

The more you focus on good habits, the easier it will become to eliminate distractions.

Relax More

It’s impossible to focus when we’re stressed out, preoccupied, and can’t relax. Getting more rest and improving our virtual habits can help. However, CBD products can also help promote relaxation. CBD can be ingested or applied topically but won’t make you feel “high.” Instead, its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce your overall muscle tension and help you relax. The combination of stress reduction and CBD’s ability to increase well-being could lead to a more relaxed state during your workday.

Boosts Your Memory & Focus More

1000mg CBD Isolate

If you can’t readily recall information during work, it’s difficult to focus. You spend all of your time reviewing notes and concentrating on remembering past meetings that you aren’t fully present and focused. In some clinical trials, CBD has shown a reversal of Alzheimer’s negative impact. The results showed a reduction in the decline of memory and the growth of brain cells. Memory can also be negatively impacted by stress and fatigue, which Pure Body Zen’s products can also help.

Manage Aches from Sitting Too Long

Focus and how you feel focusing go hand-in-hand. Sitting all day impacts your health and stress levels. It isn’t easy to concentrate when tightening hip flexors from sitting causes back soreness and other aches. Add CBD to your daily routine to enjoy anti-inflammatory and help in muscle recovery. CBD is also shown to have some pain-killing abilities to help stave off the aches and pains of sitting behind a device most of the day. In addition to CBD, it’s wise to regularly stretch and increase your water intake to combat aches and pains and improve focus.

It may not be possible to avoid long Zoom calls and virtual workdays, but you can take control over how you use CBD and focus strategies. Develop good habits like stretching, taking regular breaks, and getting enough sleep and combine with quality CBD products. The results could mean the difference between thriving in the workplace and struggling to get through the day.

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