EP 20: Marc Wasserman — Talking Rights With A Cannabis Law Expert

Marc Wasserman, along with his brother Craig, are big names in the cannabis law industry. Both practicing attorneys in California since 1996 and 1986, respectively, it wasn’t until 2000 that their careers shifted to this new strain of law.

“My nephew, my brother’s son, was showing a green thumb for cannabis and compassion for cancer patients he knew who needed it,” “He started out as a caregiver here in California, and so we knew we needed to learn all these laws to protect him. And so, over ten years, we had to represent him seven or eight different times for felonies. And every single case we were able to get dismissed.” 

Even though California Proposition 215 had been passed in 1996, legalizing the use of medical marijuana, Marc saw that plenty of people, his nephew included, were still being arrested unlawfully in the state. Part of it, he says, has to do with confusion around ever-changing and evolving cannabis laws nationwide — just because something has become legal, he explains, doesn’t mean a cop will necessarily know it has. Additionally, there’s a subset of cops out there who just want to punish people — as well as specific laws with racist roots that make it easier for those cops to punish people of color, in particular. Terry V. Ohio, Marc says, is a perfect example of that. 

“Sadly, I have to tell people, ‘You want to get in this business? Be ready to have handcuffs put on you at any time,” he adds.

 Together, as Pot Brothers at Law, Marc and Craig have gained a considerable following, helping cannabis users navigate an often lopsided and intentionally confusing legal system. In this episode of “Good Dudes Grow,” Gary and Marc talk about the way the brothers are putting power in the people’s hands, including through their trademarked script for folks who’ve been pulled over. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • The 25 words Marc and Craig advise cannabis users to say if police question them
  • How to maintain your rights, remedies, and defenses
  • Why the brothers “don’t give a s***” about Miranda Rights (and neither, they say, should you)
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

We wanted to show people, ‘Hey, we’re attorneys, we use cannabis, there’s nothing wrong with it,’ and start breaking that stigma.”

— Marc Wasserman


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