EP 19: Jenny Argie — Ending ‘Weed Woman’ Stigmas As A Mom & CBD Entrepreneur

Jenny Argie was a single mom with three kids when, one day, her world changed: she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

As someone familiar with applying a sustainable, organic perspective to products as a children’s furniture designer, Jenny was eager to do the same with her battle against cancer. But as she looked for healthy, cannabis-infused alternatives to traditional cancer and post-cancer treatments, she kept hitting the same wall. 

“I really couldn’t find anything,” she says. “There were gummies and chocolates and things like that, but they weren’t healthy. And sugar tends to feed cancer. So I thought, ‘Well, because I know the product well, I’m going to design a product for myself, and if other people can use it, then fantastic.’” 

Jenny started with a gluten-free baking mix that THC cannabis oil could add to at a calming, medicinal dose. Soon Jenny’s Baked at Home was born, and today, the Brooklyn-based company largely peddles CBD wares, from oils, coffee, and baking mixes to tinctures and bath bombs. But Jenny remembers a time not so long ago when the CBD entrepreneur landscape looked a lot different — and scarier. As a single mom, she remembers the day well that being labeled a “weed woman” sent Child Protective Services into her home. 

In this episode of “Good Dudes Grow,” Gary and Jenny talk about overcoming stigma in the past for a healthier, brighter today with CBD’s help.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How families have used cannabis-infused recipes for generations, and how Jenny incorporated them into her company
  • The way Jenny uses cannabis today (including her nightly hemp milk regimen)
  • How, when CBD was still classified as a Schedule 1 drug, she appealed to other moms for help
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“We’re still in a prohibition bubble, but it’s getting punctured by the day. And we don’t know what’s on the horizon as far as the new FDA regulations that are going to hit, but we just have to keep moving and making a good product… Little by little, this whole country is going to get healthier if we choose cannabis over oxy or tequila.” 

— Jenny Argie

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How to Get Involved:

Gary Roberts is the founder and CEO of Pure Body Zen, a company based on creating and selling high-quality CBD products that heal mind and body alike. Gary considers hemp-based medicine a calling, and his organization, along with the world-class team that runs it, reflects his passion.


You can learn more about Pure Body Zen on their site, on LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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