EP 17: JaMarr Johnson — Pioneering A New World Of Cannabis Content

The power of public speaking found JaMarr Johnson early — and in an unexpected format.


Growing up, both of his parents struggled with drug addiction. JaMarr’s father, who was killed when JaMarr was nine, became addicted to heroin after returning from the Vietnam War, where he’d fought as a marine. His mother, who was addicted to crack cocaine, saw the pain and suffering her addiction caused and pledged to live her life differently. She started attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings and bringing a teenaged JaMarr with her. 


“I would see her share her story very vulnerably and very emotionally, and I would see people transformed by her speaking,” he recalls. “I knew that I wanted to do that one day for people with my stories.”


Life in 1990s New York City, though, threatened to set JaMarr down a different path. Held back twice, he described himself as an angry and scared teen who, although he was naturally gifted in school, “wasn’t motivated to do schoolwork. I was motivated with staying alive.” That was when a New York superintendent noticed JaMarr and decided to transfer him into a specialized high school devoted to communication, both written and oral. That act, he recalls, was where he shone — learning-driven all the more home for him at 18 when he spoke in front of 2,000 people at New York’s Waldorf Astoria hotel. 


Since then, JaMarr’s path has taken many turns. After an accomplished 14-year career in the military, he found his calling in a decidedly different public speaking format — stand-up comedy. A self-fashioned “entrepremedian,” he’s merged his natural talent for words and humor with his business acumen. And today, as Chief Marketing Officer of Club Nirvana, he’s applying all of those skills toward achieving a new goal: transforming the cannabis industry. 


In this episode of “Good Dudes Grow,” Gary and JaMarr talk about what inspired JaMarr as a comedian-entrepreneur to take on cannabis, what inspired him first to enter entrepreneurship while stationed in Japan as a naval officer, and the power of putting yourself out there.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why, as a marketer, JaMarr says there’s “an audience for everyone” (and how he found his on ABC, NBC, and MTV, among other places)
  • Why he believes in the importance of “flow state,” and how he’s seen it manifest in comedy, in business, and the military
  • What sets Club Nirvana apart in the cannabis, CBD, health, and wellness spaces
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“I can’t wait to take the cannabis industry farther than it’s ever been with creative, introspective, artistic, and hilarious content that educates people and shows them that hey, this thing should have never been illegal.”

– JaMarr Johnson


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