EP 14: Dr. Mary Clifton — A Physician’s Take On CBD

When physicians recognize the power of (and need for) CBD, big things can happen. Just ask Dr. Mary Clifton. 


A board-certified and licensed internal medicine doctor in Manhattan, Dr. Clifton is also a noted CBD and Cannabis expert. She’s the best-selling author of “The Grass Is Greener: Medical Marijuana, THC & CBD Oil: Reversing Chronic Pain, Inflammation and Disease,” founder of CBDandCannabisInfo.com, and she’s also the creator of “The Cannabinoid Protocol,” a highly respected professional certification course. Earlier in her career, though, there was a time when Dr. Clifton “knew nothing” about CBD and Cannabis. She’d had patients report positive experiences with both, but within her practice, she was “basically staying in my lane,” she says. Until the hospice experiences of her brother and a close friend, who died within three months of each other, indicated to her that CBD and Cannabis could be helpful end-of-life medicines. So, she started researching. 


“As a doctor, you have to read an hour a day, every day, if you’re going to maintain the level of expertise you need to maintain. I’ve been reading over my whole career, and I’d never read any of this. I thought, if I’m in this position, there’s a whole bunch of other doctors in this position, too.”


In this episode of “Good Dudes Grow,” Gary and Dr. Clifton talk about her research, why she advocates for CBD and Cannabis as a licensed M.D., and how the body’s CB receptors work. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • Where Dr. Clifton recommends her patients source their CBD from
  • What milligram dosage she recommends for people interested in trying out CBD for the first time
  • How she’s seen it help intermittent sleeplessness (and which products she recommends)
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“This stuff is a weed. It would grow on the side of the road. It would grow in the ditch and it would pollinate several times a year and you’d be inhaling it…. The fact we don’t have this additional supplementation going on regularly is one of these weird, unnatural things that are happening because of a prohibition we need to lift.”

— Dr. Mary Clifton


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How to Get Involved:

Gary Roberts is the founder and CEO of Pure Body Zen, a company based around creating and selling high-quality CBD products that work to heal mind and body alike. Gary considers hemp-based medicine a calling, and his organization, along with the world-class team that runs it, reflects his passion.


You can learn more about Pure Body Zen on their site, on LinkedIn, and Instagram.


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