EP 09: Tommy Chong – Cannabis And You

As a youth, were you taught that cannabis is bad? Why is this negative stigma still around even in the face of overwhelming evidence that cannabis is not harmful? Even though alcohol and tobacco result in hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world, their legality is never questioned in the same way.

On this episode of “Good Dude’s Grow”, Gary talks to Tommy Chong. Tommy Chong is a Canadian-American actor, director, writer, musician, comedian, and cannabis rights activist. He is widely recognized for his partnership with fellow comedian and actor Richard ‘Cheech’ Marin. He was honored with the ‘High Times Lifetime Achievement Award’ in 2013.


Gary and Tommy talked about Tommy’s early life story and how he got into advocating for cannabis rights around the world. Tune in for an episode that will enlighten your perspective about this healing plant.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Tommy’s thoughts on the legality of cannabis and what is its current progress towards legalization
  • What did Tommy discover during his research on cannabis and how this plant benefits the body
  • How cannabis, alcohol, and cigarette vary from one another and how do they differentiate in their effects on the body
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“I wasn’t a druggie in all means, I was the opposite – I was a bodybuilder. I was interested in health. In the 50’s weight lifting was banned and the only drug that weight lifters would take is weed.”


  • Tommy Chong



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How to Get Involved:

Gary Roberts, firefighter and founder of Pure Body Zen, is committed to helping people manage everything from opiate addiction to PTSD to sleep deprivation through hemp-derived CBD. You can find Gary on LinkedIn and Instagram


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