EP 08: Elana Frankel – Unraveling The Magic Of Cannabis In Medical Health

Imagine yourself on a vacation – the vacation you’ve always wanted after so many hard days of work expecting all the good stuff – good food, great friends, and a relaxing evening out. Then all of a sudden, an accident happened that caused major injuries to you. What a bummer right? A care-free vacation that turns into a disaster.


Elana Frankel is the founder of indigonandhaze.com, author of the book,  “Women and Weed”, and the editor-in-chief of the magazine, “Women and Weed”. To name a few, she worked for One Kings Lane as a creative director, Architectural Digest, Martha Stewart Living, The New York Times, WSJ/Off Duty, New York Magazine and Oprah. Above all these, she is also a mother of two.


On this episode of Good Dudes Grow, Gary and Elana talked about the traumatic accident  which led to a brain injury that happened to Elana when she was on a vacation and how cannabis helped her to get back on her feet. Listen in for an episode that will demystify the therapeutic effects of cannabis. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • How CBD became the alternative medication for Elana’s injuries and how it differs with the other medications in terms of effectiveness and rapidness of it to take effect
  • What were the things Elana did to change her thoughts about using CBD to treat her brain injury and how it change the way she looks at cannabis now
  • What are the things Elana is up to now – and how the incident influenced the stuff she’s been doing these days on magazine directing and as a yoga / meditation teacher
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:


“The plant is really about a holistic approach to living. So what I love about  being a yoga and meditation teacher as well as a cannabis advocate is that if you change your lifestyle and include the plant, you’ll  see even more faster major changes and that the plant combination is beautiful. There are so many times that I have combined CBD and meditation classes and the people just leave completely shifted and changed.”



  • Elana Frankel



Connect with Elana: 


“Women and Weed” book on Amazon




How to Get Involved:


Gary Roberts, firefighter and founder of Pure Body Zen, is committed to helping people manage everything from opiate addiction to PTSD to sleep deprivation through hemp-derived CBD. You can find Gary on LinkedIn and Instagram


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