EP 07: Cottreezy – Weeding Out The Myths Of Cannabis & Making Room For CBD In The NFL

Ever been told that professional sports and cannabis don’t mix? Stigmas are hard to break, but CBD may well be a better way to manage physical and mental stress for competitive athletes than traditional treatments–and may even be on its way to more widespread acceptance in the NFL, thanks to advocates like Cottreezy. 


Cottreezy was born into a football family with a father and uncle who both broke barriers as Black athletes in the NFL. He played for the Minnesota Vikings, the Frankfurt Galaxy/ RHEIN Fire, and the San Diego Chargers. Over the course of a physically-demanding career, Cottreezy’s experiences managing injury drew him to explore the benefits of CBD for athletes. Today, he’s an expert on cultivating cannabis and is focused on educating people about its benefits and writing and releasing his own music. 


On this episode of Good Dudes Grow, Cottreezy and Gary break down the stigma around cannabis to reframe the way we think about sports medicine and athletes’ well-being. They discuss how CBD can support health and promote productivity on the field and in other workplaces, and how Cottreezy is leading conversations that he hopes will bring policy reform and culture change to the NFL, and help athletes in every sport thrive. Listen in for an episode that will debunk everything you thought you knew about cannabis in professional sports. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • How CBD can support athletes (and anyone) with pain reduction, injury recovery, PTSD, and anxiety–without clouding your mind 
  • Why the NFL’s double standards for substance use (think opiate prescriptions and alcohol sponsorships alongside the league’s strict bans on cannabis use)–do more harm than good 
  • What Cottreezy is up to today–from his work uniting Black and indigenous cannabis growers to protect the planet, to standing on the frontlines of the BLM movement and indigenous community issues, to releasing new music in 2021 (and why his forthcoming LP is worth the wait) 
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“The stigma of [cannabis use] that people have to understand […] is that the CBD aspect of it is 100% what you would need [in high pressure situations] because it doesn’t relax you. It keeps you sharper. Hell, it even clears you out. The first time I had really good CBD […] my eyes lifted up. […] It literally cleared me off. […] It made me feel like ‘I’m back.’”  


  • Cottreezy 



Connect with Cottreezy: 

On Instagram @cottreezy and @rastafari_coalition


How to Get Involved:

Gary Roberts, firefighter and founder of Pure Body Zen, is committed to helping people manage everything from opiate addiction to PTSD to sleep deprivation through hemp-derived CBD. You can find Gary on LinkedIn and Instagram


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