We Take Pride in Providing
High Quality CBD Products

There are so many CBD products to choose from on the market but not all are created equally. At Pure Body Zen, we stand behind our product’s quality and our integrity. Our products are made in the USA, Organic and 3rd Party Lab Tested to ensure potency and ingredients match our labels. 

Our Company

Founded on a tragedy, built on the hope to help others.

For two and a half years, we have investigated the beneficial properties of CBD to help our family.  Unfortunately, through our long exhausting search and testing of many oils, we could not find a product that was a viable source to stop this tragedy from happening. We decided to find a pure source where we could design our own product line to our high standards. Once we found that source, we saw and felt the benefits of our products. Pure Body Zen was born so that we can help friends and family.

From there, we dove deeper into how CBD helps support the Endocannabinoid System by establishing balance and bringing the body to a homeostasis state. The more we learned, the more we began formatting products for those that needed it. Veterans, First Responders and anyone who suffers with PTSD and Drug Addiction was at the top of our list. The benefits we so numerous that our product was presented to everyone and is now available online. Pure Body Zen is here to make a difference in everyone’s life. Today with more and more CBD companies popping up everywhere, making an informed decision on who to trust and what product is best for you can be a very tough road to navigate. At Pure Body Zen, our fundamental mission is to bring you only the best products on the market with the most up to day information on current CBD breakthroughs and news. We are here for you. While no statements made about any Pure Body Zen products has yet been evaluated by the FDA, our quality and standards remain the highest available.

Company Bio

Gary Roberts

Owner / founder / ceo

Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts founded Pure Body Zen, Inc Operation in 2017.
Mr. Roberts has extensive experience in the industrial hemp sector, having been active within the industry since the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill.

As a firefighter helping his brothers and sisters with sleep deprivation, opiate addiction, and PTSD using Hemp-Derived CBD became a calling. He educated himself on all aspects of the Cannabis Plant, its benefits, and how to create a consistently high-quality product and sought out only the best farmers to create Pure Body Zen’s product line.

Pamela Roberts

Owner / co-founder / vp OF MARKETING

Pamela Roberts led the strategic branding for the Marriot Corporation.

She was responsible for Developing and Executing the Global Marketing Strategy for all Programs and Managed a 25 million dollar budget.

Mrs. Roberts supervised the development, marketing and activation process for the evolution of Marriott’s Loyalty Programs.

She created the strategy objectives and on-the-ground member experiences for the NFL, NBA and PGA Partnerships.

Jesus Duran

Owner / Director of Sales

Jesus Duran

Over 26 years of experience in the signage industry, working as manager, engineer and graphic designer. Jesus has worked on branding and engineering for the New York Yankees, New York Giants, New York Jets and many more. 

Jesus owned and operated 3 Real Estate Offices with 45 agents that produced several millions in revenue. Licensed Real Estate Broker since 2003.

Sound Engineer since 1993. Working with several artist like Marc Anthony, Wu-Tang, The Fugees and DMX, just to name a few.


Managing Partner

Veteran of combat operations in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and a 10+ year veteran of the cannabis industry, having started his first large-scale marijuana grow in Denver, Colorado in 2009

2017 moved to Las Vegas, Nevada ahead of the legalization of recreational marijuana on July 1st, 2018, to start two other huge marijuana grows.

2018 bought a 300-acre Hemp farm in central Nevada, and being accepted to the early pilot program for hemp in Nevada.

2019 Co-Founder and CEO of Cultivate Puerto Rico an Extraction and Processing Company in Puerto Rico with over 500 acres of hemp produced for multiple processing, manufacturing, and cannabis brands.

Currently part of the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Hemp Pilot Program propagating seedlings on a large scale and providing large scale indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, and nursery style growing and consultation.  

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